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Lance Armstrong’s It’s Not About The Bike: How He Survives Cancer and Wins Bicycle’s Most Grueling Race
Lance Armstrong writes that his winning the Tour de France two years after he had less than a 3 percent chance of surviving metastasized testicular cancer (he has since won it three more times) has nothing to do with the bike, but is about surviving and living life to the fullest. How did he survive and become a four-time consecutive winner of bicycle’s most grueling race? To learn more

The Effects of Prisons on Prison Guards: A Review of Newjack by Ted Conover
Much is written about the “prisonization” of prison inmates. But what about prison guards? How does prison change them? To learn more

Making the Most of Life on Death Row: A Review of Dead Run: The Shocking Story of Dennis Stockton and Life on Death Row in America
Dead Run tells the story of Dennis Stockton, a prisoner executed in Virginia and thought by most who knew him to have been innocent. To learn more

Social Influence at Ground Zero: A Review of American Ground: Unbuilding of the World Trade Center, by William Langewiesche
The only reporter to have unrestricted access to Ground Zero, the site of the World Trade Center collapse after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, William Langewiesche has written a riveting account of the society that came into being under the rubble. To learn more

Life on the Other Side of the Footlights: A Review of Dancing on my Grave by Gelsey Kirkland
Gelsey Kirkland thought that she was ugly, fat, and dumb, compared to her prettier older sister. She tried to please her alcoholic, angry father, to no avail. So she channeled her sense of inferiority and her self-loathing into ballet and trying to please ballet masters and boyfriends. Along the way she developed anorexia and cocaine addiction. To learn more

Boys are more aggressive than girls. Most bullies are boys. True or false? If you said "true," you share two commonly held myths about gender differences in aggression. Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls by Rachel Simmons (Harcourt Books, 2002) exposes the dark side of female aggression. To learn more

The Pact: Three Young Men Make a Promise and Fulfill a Dream is the story of three young African-American men from high-risk backgrounds who completed medical and dental school against all odds. Their experience is a study in resilience. To learn more

Why Do People Want To Be Executioners? A Review of The Last Face You’ll Ever See by Ivan Solotaroff
Did you ever wonder what kind of person wants to be a public executioner—the prison employee who carries out the death sentence? Ivan Solotaroff wanted to know. He talked to several of them and wrote about their reasons in The Last Face You’ll Ever See. To learn more

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