Bukatko, Child Development - A Thematic Approach, 5e:
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Child Development - A Thematic Approach , Fifth Edition
Danuta Bukatko - College of the Holy Cross
Marvin W. Daehler - University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Answer the critical thinking questions posed in the text (refer to page number in parentheses) by following a series of annotated and recommended links.
Chapter  1: Themes and Theories
Chapter  2: Studying Child Development
Chapter  3: Genetics and Heredity
Chapter  4: The Prenatal Period and Birth
Chapter  5: Brain, Motor Skill, and Physical Development
Chapter  6: Basic Learning and Perception
Chapter  7: Language
Chapter  8: Cognition: Piaget and Vygotsky
Chapter  9: Cognition: Information Processing
Chapter  10: Intelligence
Chapter  11: Emotion
Chapter  12: Self and Values
Chapter  13: Gender
Chapter  14: The Family
Chapter  15: Peers
Chapter  16: Beyond Family and Peers