Bukatko, Child Development - A Thematic Approach, 5e:
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Child Development 5e Cover Child Development - A Thematic Approach
Fifth Edition

Danuta Bukatko - College of the Holy Cross
Marvin W. Daehler - University of Massachusetts, Amherst


Chapter Outlines
Excellent for review purposes, this chapter outline presents the topics in each chapter, organized by major headings and subheadings. All the key terms are included. It should supplement but not replace reading the text chapter.
 Concept/Application Questions
Do you understand the concepts of the chapter as they apply to everyday life? Try to answer these questions.
Key Themes Essay Review
Verify your understanding of the relationship among the six major developmental themes and the material presented in the chapter
Answers to Concept/Application Questions
How did you do answering these questions? Compare your answers to the suggested ones given.
What Do You Think
Answer the critical thinking questions posed in the text by following a series of annotated and recommended links.
See For Yourself
Explore these recommended annotated web resources to enhance your understanding of material in the text.
Use the glossary as a reference to test your understanding of key concepts in the text.
Test yourself with this interactive set of Child Development, 5/e vocabulary flashcards.
Pre and Post Tests
Test yourself with questions taken from the student cd-rom packaged with your text. Use them in conjunction with the video clips on the cd for maximum effect and impact.
Thinking Critically
The Thinking Critically activities are designed to help you sharpen your powers of critical examination by providing you with a framework for analyzing evidence before drawing conclusions.
Learning Objectives
So you've read the chapter. What should you know? These Learning Objectives will guide you.
ACE Practice Tests
Test yourself with these comprehensive multiple-choice questions and receive feedback on your answers
Evaluating Research
The Evaluating Research activities will help you apply your critical thinking skills to psychological research. They provide a framework of questions to help you examine the researcher's methods and results and consider what they say and what still needs to be determined.
Psych in the News, on the Shelves, and on the Screen
Psychology is everywhere--in the news, in movies and TV shows, in books. Read short articles about the latest connections between psychology and what's happening in the world.
Net Labs
These interactive exercises use a variety of techniques that put you in control of your learning. Tutorials, demonstrations, experiments, and surveys are all designed to make introductory psychology come alive.

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