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Child Development - A Thematic Approach , Fifth Edition
Danuta Bukatko - College of the Holy Cross
Marvin W. Daehler - University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Chapter Outline

Excellent for review purposes, this chapter outline presents the topics in each chapter, organized by major headings and subheadings. All the key terms are included. It should supplement but not replace reading the text chapter.

Chapter 1:
Themes and Theories
Chapter 2: Studying Child Development
Chapter 3: Genetics and Heredity
Chapter 4: The Prenatal Period and Birth
Chapter 5: Brain, Motor Skill, and Physical Development
Chapter 6: Basic Learning and Perception
Chapter 7: Language
Chapter 8: Cognition: Piaget and Vygotsky
Chapter 9: Cognition:Information Processing
Chapter 10: Intelligence
Chapter 11: Emotion
Chapter 12: Self and Values
Chapter 13: Gender
Chapter 14: The Family
Chapter 15: Peers
Chapter 16: Beyond Family and Peers