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Social Psychology 5e Cover Social Psychology
Fifth Edition

Sharon S. Brehm - Indiana University Bloomington
Saul M. Kassin - Williams College
Steven Fein - Williams College

ACE Practice Tests
Take ACE Practice Tests and get your results immediately, to check your understanding.
 Evaluating Research
These activities will help you apply your critical thinking skills to psychological research.
Take a personality test, analyze your relationships, find out the truth about eyewitness testimony--the major concepts in your text all come alive here.
Thinking Critically
These activities are designed to help you sharpen your powers of critical examination by providing you with a framework for analyzing evidence before drawing conclusions.
Psych in the News, on the Shelves, and on the Screen
Psychology is everywhere--in the news, in movies and TV shows, in books. Read short articles about the latest connections between psychology and what's happening in the world.
Learn the terms in this book with this set of interactive flashcards.
Web Links
Extend your knowledge by visiting the provided web sites in this section.
Learning Objectives
Review these objectives to make sure that you understand the key concepts in each chapter.
Review the terms in this book.