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Essentials 3e Cover Essentials of Psychology
Third Edition

Douglas A. Bernstein - University of South Florida and University of Surrey
Peggy W. Nash - Broward Community College


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Chapter Review
Organize your review of chapter concepts with these recommended tools. Test your knowledge of key chapter concepts with the In Review Charts; check out Active Review book and movie suggestions to see how psychology can be applied; and then ask yourself if you understand the "connections" emphasized in the Linkage diagrams.
 PsychAssist Tutorials
The PsychAssist Tutorials walk you through some of the most difficult concepts you'll encounter in introductory psychology. Topics such as reinforcement, opponent-process theory, drive-reduction theory, and priming among others are brought to life in an interactive tutorial format with an opportunity for self-testing so you can confirm your understanding.
Test Your Knowledge
See the major concepts in your text come alive through our Ace self tests, flashcards, interactive Net Labs, and other activities. Great revision tools to check your readiness for exams.
Guided Tutorials
Need to understand how psychological concepts apply to real-life situations? Or need further help to understand particularly difficult concepts? Then work your way through these Concepts and Exercises and newly developed interactive web tutorials.
Concepts and Exercises and Answers
Web Tutorials
A useful reference to check your understanding of key terms in the text.
Thinking Critically
Are you now ready to apply your critical thinking skills to psychological research? Test yourself by working your way through our Evaluating Research feature.
Psychology Today
Psychology is everywhere--in the news, in movies and TV shows, in books. Read short articles about the latest connections between psychology and what's happening in the world.
Psych in the News
Psych on the Shelves
Psych on Screen
Student Success
Tips and strategies for effective learning from your textbook and general career advice to help you navigate your future.
Interactive Sample Research Report [Pop-up link to interactive media.]
Clear pop-up explanations that detail the style, mechanics, and conceptual requirements for writing APA-style research reports.
Developing Your Critical Thinking Skills
Developing Your Writing Skills
Studying Linkages
Reading a textbook
Career Resource Center   [Pop-up link to new site.}
Case Study Evaluation on how to navigate your future   [Pop-up link to pdf.}