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The Challenge of Democracy, Eighth Edition
Kenneth Janda, Northwestern University
Jeffrey M. Berry, Tufts University
Jerry Goldman, Northwestern University
Parallel Lecture Outlines

Use these revised Parallel Lecture Outlines, adapted from the Instructor's Resource Manual, to aid in the preparation of your classroom lectures.


Chapter 1: Freedom, Order, or Equality?
Chapter 2: Majoritarian or Pluralist Democracy?
Chapter 3: The Constitution
Chapter 4: Federalism
Chapter 5: Public Opinion and Political Socialization
Chapter 6: The Media
Chapter 7: Participation and Voting
Chapter 8: Political Parties
Chapter 9: Nominations, Elections, and Campaigns
Chapter 10: Interest Groups
Chapter 11: Congress
Chapter 12: The Presidency
Chapter 13: The Bureaucracy
Chapter 14: The Courts
Chapter 15: Order and Civil Liberties
Chapter 16: Equality and Civil Rights
Chapter 17: Policymaking
Chapter 18: Economic Policy
Chapter 19: Domestic Policy
Chapter 20: Global Policy