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Use the graphics and animations in Computer Tutor 1.0 to practice and assess your math skills. Customized to correspond chapter-by-chapter with your Houghton Mifflin math text, this tutorial will help you reinforce skills you haven’t yet mastered, make up classes you may have missed, or review for exams. As you advance through your current and future courses, feel free to access any of the tutorials that may have relevant material.
  • Chapter modules are divided into two sections: Study this Lesson and Problem Solving.
  • Problems are algorithmically generated to ensure an appropriate variety and range of exercises. Each exercise includes specific page references to the text.
  • Animated solution steps help you catch and understand mistakes before they are made.
  • You’ll have access to complete solutions for each exercise attempted, and may request progress reports to assess your understanding.
  • Extensive problem-solving hints and an online glossary provide additional support.
To download the Computer Tutor 1.0 version that your text or the Computer Tutor Manual, click on the corresponding title below.

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Computer Tutor 1.0 Manual (Acrobat file: 19K)

Aufmann Titles
Beginning Algebra 5/e (ZIP file : 1.18Mb)
Intermediate Alg with Applications 5/e (ZIP file : 1.46Mb)
Algebra: Intro & Int 3/e (ZIP file : 1.5Mb)
Basic College Math 6/e (ZIP file : 1.3Mb)
Introductory Alg 5/e (ZIP file : 1.18Mb)
Intermediate Alg: An Applied Approach, 5/e (ZIP file : 1.41Mb)

Hubbard Titles
Elementary Alg 2/e (ZIP file : 1.31Mb)
Intermediate Alg 2/e (ZIP file : 1.54Mb)
Elem & Int Alg 1/e (ZIP file : 1.72Mb)

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