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Calculus Concepts: An Informal Approach to the Mathematics of Change, Third Edition and Brief Third Edition
Don LaTorre - Clemson University
John Kenelly - Clemson University
Iris Fetta Reed - Clemson University
Cindy Harris
Laurel Carpenter
Links to Data Sets

These data links specifically correspond to the Data Web Icons found in the textbook.

The links that are given below will likely lead you to current data when an update is requested by the presence of a source web/CD icon next to a particular activity and/or project in the third edition of Calculus Concepts. You can also search on the item in question using an Internet search engine and find material that you can use.

Be aware that the data you find may or may not be the same as that presented in tables in the text. Some data are collected in a census of the entire population while other data are found by surveying a sample from the population. In addition, the manner in which data are collected may have changed over a period of several years (e.g., information for Hawaii would not have been included with United States data prior to 1959). Another reason for dissimilar data is that various sources may tabulate data differently. For example, one source listing the number of households with VCRs will include data for U.S. armed forces living abroad and another source may not.

Many of the references link you to the Statistical Abstract. You should choose the latest edition available and search the suggested section. Table headings are listed under the bookmarks tab once you access a particular section of the Abstract.

131 or (Search on "median age at first marriage".)
132 (The section containing this information is Health and Nutrition.) or (Click on the Table "Percap1a" tab at the bottom of the page.)
135 (The section containing information on delivery methods is Vital Statistics.) or
147 (The section containing this information is Population.)
148 (The section containing this information is Law Enforcement, Courts, and Prison.)
226 (The section containing this information is Labor Force, Employment, and Earnings.) or
226 - Enter the site. In the left frame, scroll to BITS AND BOBS and choose STOPPING DISTANCES. or or
295 (The section containing this information is Vital Statistics.)
326 (The section containing this information is Population..)
561 and or
566 (Click on Digital Data.)
581 or
Another suggestion is the web site for your local TV News/Weather channel(s).