>> Here's a scatter plot, and we know from past experience that our routine here is to choose a model that might best fit this information, and then go through the regression equation and so on. Well, if we're just comparing or looking at this model in terms of what we're studying in this chapter, the exponential and logarithmic functions, we would choose a logarithmic model to emulate this data. Because after all the, the data points tend to be going up right here and they tend to be flattening over here. So a logarithmic model would be more appropriate than the exponential model for this data. Now I just want to compare these two. We'll kind of extend the, the conversation in just a minute. But I want to compare a couple of scatter plots. This is one, and, and there's another one that I have entered onto the calculator, but I need to, to get rid of this one. I'm pressing second and then Y equals. And I want to turn this plot off. This is the plot that we've been looking at. But I want to turn this one off. And then I want to turn this one on, because I have some information here. And I'm pressing graph. Now the window settings are the same for the two, the two scatter plots, so I didn't have to deal with that. But notice that in this one we, we kind of start out flat and we kind of ramp up here on this end. And this is the kind of model that we might think would be exponential if we're just comparing exponential and logarithmic models. The other one would be logarithmic. This one would be exponential.