>> In this section we're going to solve exponential equations and logarithmic equations. The trick in solving these kinds of equations is to get our head into the kind of equation that we're dealing with. And I don't mean just in terms of a log equation versus an exponential equation. It's pretty easy for us to recognize the difference between those two. It turns out that there are two basic kinds of exponential equations. And there are two basic kinds of logarithmic equations. And each one of them has a different kind of little logic pattern for solution. Let me show the degenerate form of all of those kinds of equations that we're looking for. Now with exponential equations, here are a couple of exponential equations. We recognize them because the variables are in the exponents here. But the two strategies for solution are these, that our first choice for strategy is to make the bases of the exponents look alike on both sides of the equation. Here, for example, we can write 64 as 4 cubed. If the bases are alike, we can set the exponents equal to one another and solve for the variable. All right, so it's a pretty easy kind of strategy if we can make those bases look alike, which is somewhat unusual.