>> An airplane flying at 550 MPH has a bearing of north 52 degrees east. After flying for 1.5 hours how far north and how far east has the plane traveled from its point of departure? Here's the important information given in the problem. The rate of speed is 550 mph the bearing is north 52 degrees east and we'll talk about that in a second and the travel time is 1.5 hours. Now this bearing, this notation for bearing means this; it means that if this is the northerly direction and of course that would be south but it's like let's let's consider the northerly direction and then consider an angle of 52 degrees toward the east from this north you see and that's the idea. It is from north measure 52 degrees toward the east. Now let's see which would be the east? If this is north that's west and that's east ok so towards the east we're talking about a 52 degree angle. Let's say that that's 52 degrees [background sounds].