>> Alright, at 0 degrees the distance r is 5, so, at 0 degrees, the distance is 5, so we start here. Now, at 10 degrees, I'm looking back over here, the distance is 4.3. Alright, let's see, 10 degrees at be an angle about like this, so we have let's see, 1, 2, 3, 4.3 and 10 degrees, so that might be something like this. And then at 20 degrees, I have 2.5, so 20 degrees, here I am up here, the distance is one, two and a half. And then at 30 degrees, I'm at zero right here. So, in this little increment of zero to 30 degrees, the graph is changing, the distance is changing like this, you see from 5 to 0.