>> Now the the 0's help us jump start our thinking in this whole process of analyzing the graph. So we're using the leading coefficient test and the 0's of our function to start the process. Before I leave this problem though there's 1 very important thing I want to point out to you and it's this that this idea of going from a factored form into the 0's or the solutions is reversible. That is if we know that 3 is a 0 then X-3 is a factor of our function. If -2 is a 0, then X+2 is a factor and after all I mean we can just just take this and manipulate a little bit, this is X+2 = 0. You see it's it's that idea that X+2 is a 0. X+2 is a factor. Same notion here. X-3+0 and so the X-3 is a factor here. X=0 and then X itself is a factor up here. Alright that's an idea that we're gonna come back to a little bit later.