>> It is special and useful because of its base, and it's base is E. And it's, it's symbol lies with E, but it's actually a never ending and never repeating decimal, and it's you, we use this symbol for it because we don't want to write a lot of digits for its value. It has to be approximated in all cases. Kind of like pi. You know, pi is a naturally-occurring constant, and so is E. And, in fact, E is probably more useful than pi is overall. At any rate, the value of E is approximately 2.71828 and so on, and in the calculator, we can find that value by doing this. Press the second button, and then LN. The second function on natural log is E to the X power, and then press a 1 and press enter, and we will get its value. OK. Now, when you, when you do this, when you go through this process, and you enter the 1, here's what you see on the calculator. When you press second LN, you are really pressing or accessing E to the X power, and the calculator will display E and then the exponent indicator, and then it will open parenthesis for you. So all you have to do is enter a 1. You don't even need to close the parenthesis. Press enter, and it will give this value. Alright, and, and in a similar way, we can find E to any exponent using this, this idea.