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Becoming a Master Student Athlete
Master Student Series
Internet Resources
Chapter 2: Planning

Visit these web sites to gather more information on the concepts and strategies presented in this chapter. Also, use your favorite search engines to find other resources. Remember to always think critically about information you find online.

Student Voice: If you uncover a URL that you found to be particularly helpful, submit your findings to College Survival for posting on this web site.
Mail to:

Check out the Mind Tools website for information on time management and other helpful strategies for success in college:

Find information on LifePlan, a management product that helps you create a framework of plans and goals for your life:

Access information on time management and procrastination:

Visit the Virginia Tech Cook Counseling Center website to take an online assessment of how you spend you time and find ways that you might manage it better:

Sign up for Yahoo! for your online personal calendar:

Access a free application for Federal Student Aid at this website:

Find out more about all of the different kinds of financial aid available to you at the FinAid website:

Access the Financial Aid Student Guide from the U. S. Department of Education: