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Becoming a Master Student Athlete
Master Student Series
Introduction:Making Transitions

Blank Exercise Form
Blank Journal Entry Form
Chapter 2: Planning

Exercise 6: Get real with your goals
Interactive Time Chart
Exercise #8: Create a LifeLine
Exercise #5: The Time Monitor/Time Plan (ZIP)
Hemispheric Brain Dominance
How does credit work?
Where does all the money go?
The Monthly Budget
The Long Term Budget

Chapter 3: Memory

How do you process memory
A Chunk of Pie
Memories are made of this
Pay Attention!

Chapter 4: Reading

Timed Readings
Make it a habit
100 Words that all high school graduates--and their parents--should know
Frontier Word Web
Words of Wisdom
Roots and Prefixes Flashcards

Chapter 5: Notes

Summarize this text

Chapter 6: Tests

Words to watch for in Essay Questions: Online Flashcards
Rehearse for success

Chapter 8: Communicating

How can you write well?
Learning Styles Application for writing

Chapter 10:Technology

E-Learning Self Assessment
E-Learning Glossary
Internet courses are not for everyone

Chapter 11: Health

The Wellness Wheel
Alcohol Use Quiz
Health Survey
How are you sleeping?
Test your alcohol knowledge

Chapter 12: What's Next

SCANS Skills Wheel
Now that you've got money handled