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Becoming a Master Student Athlete
Master Student Series
Introduction:Making Transitions

Following Directions
Discovery and Intention Statement Guidelines
"This Web Site is Worthless"!

Chapter 1: First Steps

The Value of Higher Education
Attitude Replacements

Chapter 2: Planning

"but, but…but I'd rather be somewhere else"
Strategies for Scheduling

Chapter 3: Memory

The Memory Jungle

Chapter 4: Reading

Use Muscle Reading

Chapter 5: Notes

Concept Maps (PDF Format)

Chapter 6: Tests

More ways to master tests
More ways to predict test questions
Academic Centers at Your School

Chapter 7: Thinking

Qualities of a Critical Thinker
Finding a Critical Thinker in Yourself and Others

Chapter 8: Communicating

Citing the Web as a Source
Are You on Your Way to an A?
Discover the Joys of Word Processing
The Cheapest Word Processor
Conflict Management in a Nutshell
Leaders on Leadership

Chapter 9: Diversity

The World You Live In

Chapter 10: Technology

E-Learning Tutorials
Connect to Cyberspace
Finding What you Want on the Internet
Learning the language of computers
Stay tuned to these networks
Staying Up-to-date with Technology
Thinking Critically About Information on the Internet
Using Computers to Manage Ideas and Information
Evaluating Web Resources

Chapter 12: What's Next

Becoming an Activist
Career Planning
Forty Places To Find Job Openings While Attending School