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Culture and History

Ancient Mexico: a fantastic educational resource for the study of art and cultures of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica.

Evita Peron Historical Research Foundation: this site, maintained by the family of Evita Peron is dedicated to information and research on her life. Offers some wonderful pictures of her family as well.

Mundo Maya: a site rich in Mayan culture. Information on archeology, history, nature, legends, and much more.

La olla Latinoamericana: information about food from several Latin American countries can be found here. ¡Buen provecho!

Hispanic Online: focuses on that which is of interest to Hispanics in the USA. Latino culture, history, news and more.

Museo Virtual de Artes El País: this is a 10 on the "Way Cool" scale. You need at least Netscape 3.0 for this 3D virtual tour of culture. This site is sponsored by el País and has links in the newspaper as well.

Sí, España: links to information on everyday life, history, geography, language, and culture in Spain.

Spanish Culture: food, museums, dance, geography, dress codes, and more. Choose your topic; it's all here in one place .


Music, Radio, and Television

Caracol Radio: listen to Colombian radio live and read the top stories of the day. Juan Luis Guerra y 440: find all of his lyrics, a glossary to the "dominicanismos" in his songs, as well as links to articles and interviews written about him.

RCN Radio: read the scripts or listen to live radio from Colombia. Includes news, sports, politics and more.

MTV Latin America: if you enjoy MTV, you will love this site. Includes interviews, top songs and movies, special events, surveys and more.

Spanish Radio Stations: if you haven't found what you are looking for yet, try this site. Pick your country from a popup menu and you'll get a list of online radio links.


News and Magazines

CNN En Español: CNN's world news in Spanish. A great resource for Sports, weather, international concerns, health, fashion and everything else you are used to from CNN.

El Colombiano: daily news from Bógota, Colombia. Includes front page stories, sports, culture, and more.

El Espectador: another daily paper from Colombia. Includes front page stories, economics, sports, links to back issues, and more.

Intervoz: get all of today's news from Cordoba, Argentina.

Instituto de hidrologia, meterologia, y estudios ambientales: information on climate and weather in Colombia. Updated daily.

El Universal: daily news from Caracas.

El Nacional Online: Venezuelan news updated daily. Check out culture, sports, politics, and more.

La Nación-Costa Rica: today's news from San José, Costa Rica. Includes a section with the major happenings in other Central American countries, sports, headline news, and more.

La Nación Line: daily news from northwest Argentina. Includes front page stories, opinions, economy, politics, sports, weather and other news of interest.

El País: one of the most widely distributed papers in Spain is now available in part in electronic form. Updated daily.

El Periódico online: the electronic edition of El Periódico de Catalunya.

La Prensa : in addition to the complete news features of this Panama City paper, it includes the entertainment section. Guess what the movie title would be in English.

Prensa escrita: "Todos los periódicos diarios en español". Click on the country of interest to locate the daily newspapers you are looking for.

La Prensa Libre: straight from Guatemala, this is said to be Central America's largest daily newspaper. The latest Latin American news. Articles are in Spanish.

El Tiempo: daily news from Bogotá. In addition to regular news items, a link to Colombian exports is provided.

Caretas: online Peruvian magazine covering political and cultural issues of Perú.

ELLE: the popular fashion magazine can be found online in Spanish at this site.

El Planeta Platica: a magazine on environmental concerns in Latin America.

Poder & Dinero: if you have a thirst for cash, check out Colombia's business magazine.

Cromos: this magazine features current topics in Colombia and around the world.

Silueta: a bilingual magazine with feature stories on nutrition, gardening, the planet, nature, and much more.



SoloLiteratura: choose by author or by country to view their biography and some of their works.

Gabriel García Márquez: information on this famous Colombian author and his works can be found here.

Literatura Argentina: choose the author of interest, read online stories, or chat with others interested in literature. If you are interested in Argentine writers don't miss this site.


Language Learning Sites

Webspañol: pronunciation, verbs, lessons, links, and much more. This site boasts of their commitment to Spanish language study with Internet resources.

La página del idioma español: a wonderful page dedicated to language. Here you will find not only grammar and vocabulary but also discussion and debate about the Spanish language and its development.

Conjugue!: Conjugate Spanish verbs: provides complete conjugation of 99% of all Spanish verbs.

Centro Virtual Cervantes: if you are interested inlanguagee and culture this is a place to visit. With the use of Real Video you can explore this museum of language, learn and test your knowledge both for students and instructors.

Online Spanish Help: if you haven't found what you were looking for in terms of resources for learning Spanish, take a look at this growing list of links.

Ejercicios de lengua española: a site full of great exercises that incorporate language and culture.

Ejercicios de gramática de la lengua española: all sorts of grammar exercises with self-checks included.

The Minnesota Language Proficiency Assessments (MLPA): The Minnesota Language Proficiency Assessments (MLPA) are a battery of instruments that are designed for use in certifying the second language proficiency of secondary and post-secondary students in French, German, and Spanish. The MLPA can be used to facilitate the articulation of language instruction between secondary and post-secondary education and to help make placement decisions. MLPA components are available for evaluating proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Spanish Language Unlimited: Free online level test, Spanish language classes, vocabulary builder, language games and thousands of pages with information on the Hispano culture.


Chat and Virtual Worlds

MundoHispano: a Spanish language learning moo. Includes lots of information on how to get started on your adventure in the moo.

Country/City Tours

Bolivia Web : links to all kinds Bolivian sites including history, art, government, radio and much more.

Bienvenidos a links to tourism, business, culture, entertainment, weather and much more.

Costa Rica's Travel Board: everything you ever wanted to know about Costa Rica and travel opportunities there.

Guatemala: a site rich with Guatemalan culture, history, and travel information.

Visit Mexico: choose links or use the search feature to discover and explore Mexico and its culture.

IBW Internet Gateway Nicaragua: a well-organized site with links to news, economy, government, tourism, and more.

Red Científica Peruana: a view of Peru including links to Peruvian internet servers, archeology, songs, images, and more.

Puerto Rico Ahora: an excellent guide to Puerto Rico. Includes a brief history of the island.

Córdoba, España: a city guide with beautiful graphics of well-known monuments and interesting parts of the city, as well as information about food, folklores, and “fiestas”.

Donostia - San Sebastian: contains links to everything you would want to know about this region of the Basque country.

Valencia: everything you ever wanted to know about la Comunidad Valenciana in Spanish. Links to cities as well as general regional information.

CyberSpain: great links to information on touring, leisure, art, culture, and traditions.

About Spain: A great internet-based tourist guide, with information on travel, cities, accommodation, festivals, virtual photo and video tours, and much more.

Visit Uruguay: links to maps, general country information, travel related resources.

Venezuela Tuya: take a virtual tour of Venezuela. Choose the region of interest and explore. History, geography, food, religion, and other links also available.


Grab Bag

Latin American Studies Library: pick by country or by topic. You can find everything you were missing on Latin America in one spot.

Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultures @ Globe-Gate : this is a nice long list of sites, if you don't mind scrolling to find what you are looking for. Includes listserves, search engines, maps, grammar, online lessons, general links, and much more.

Qué Hubo: las páginas amarillas de Colombia is a place to link to every business you can think of in Colombia and more. Recommended: 28.8 modem or better for the graphics and animation.

España al desnudo: en español. Links to important documents, universities, news, culture, sports, and more.


Professional Language Associations

American Academy of Research Historians of Medieval Spain: if you're interested in Iberia, this is the place to share your research, view archives, or link to related discussion lists.

The American Association of Teachers of Spanish And Portuguese: an association dedicated to the study and teaching of Hispanic, Luso-Brazilian, and other related languages, literatures, and cultures.

The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages: an organization promoting the study of foreign languages and cultures as an integral component of American education and society.

Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium: with their emphasis on modern language teaching and learning, this organization serves language teachers, learners, and educational technologists.

International Association for Language Learning Technology: an association dedicated to promoting effective uses of media centers for language teaching, learning, and research.