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Bookcover ¡Continuemos!
Seventh Edition

Ana C. Jarvis - Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Raquel Lebredo - California Baptist University
Francisco Mena-Ayllón - University of Redlands


¿Cuánto recuerda?
Find out how much you already know about the lesson structures before formally reviewing these.
Prepare for activity 2 of textbook section ¿Comprende Ud.? and further develop your listening skills.
El mundo hispánico
Prepare for reading the El mundo hispánico culture essay and develop your vocabulary-building and reading skills.
Video ACE
Access authentic T.V. programs and develop your listening skills.
Hablemos de su país

Your instructor may assign this in-class conversation activity on your country as preparation for a writing project involving web-based researching ...y escribamos, below.
Compruebe cuánto sabe
Practice-test your vocabulary and grammar after covering this lesson material.
Hablemos de su país
…y escribamos

Carry out the research-and-writing project on your own.
Complete these web activities to review lesson vocabulary and verb conjugations.
Integration Guide
Learn more about how you can integrate the Student Website and Multimedia CD-ROM into your intermediate language learning.
Web Search Activities
Complete these web activities to review chapter themes.