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bookcover The Basic Spanish Series
Basic Spanish

Ana Jarvis, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Raquel Lebredo, California Baptist University
Francisco Mena-Ayllón, University of Redlands

ACE Grammar Quizzes
Try these ACE grammar quizzes from the Basic Spanish core website.
Web Search Activities
Complete these web activities to expand your knowledge of the cultures in the Spanish-speaking world.
Audio Flashcards
Practice pronunciation and review chapter vocabulary with these interactive flashcards.
Verb Conjugation Flashcards
Review verb conjugations with these interactive flashcards.
In-Text Audio .mp3 Files
Download .mp3 files for the In-Text Audio for each chapter.
Web Links: Careers and Occupations
Explore these links to become familiar with over one hundred careers and occupations in the Spanish-speaking world. Check out business websites, watch informative videos, and get to know the people who work in these careers.
Appendix A: Introduction to Spanish Sounds
The following guide to Spanish pronunciation is designed to enhance your speaking ability.
Resources by Chapter