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Japanese Language Resource Center
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Culture and History

Japanese woodblock prints: in addition to seeing these beautiful works of art this site offers links to the museums where they are displayed.

Museum Information Japan: an extensive listing of museums by region of Japan. You will find traditional to modern art, history, fashion and more. Available in Japanese and English. *

Rekihaku: visit the National museum of Japanese History.

The Japanese OniExchange Museum: visit this museum and learn about the god for which it was named.

Web Resources for Japanese Food: a hearty list of recipe links. If you weren't hungry before you will be after a visit to this site.


Music, Radio, and Television

Namie Amuro : see and hear the music of this popular artist. This site includes sound bytes, video clips, and games. Shockwave plugin required.

Tokyo Broadcasting System: offers listings for radio and TV broadcasts and some sound bytes. Available in Japanese and English. *

Kodo: get a taste of the music, its history, and the Japanese artistic community created by its founders.

Gagaku: Japanese classical music with lots of history. Here you will find information on the music, its history, and instruments. Available in Japanese and English. *

Kinema Club: find out what the scholars have to say regarding Japanese cinema.Includes reviews of recent films and tools for teaching.

Tokyo Metropolitan Television: news, sports, schedules, and more. Japanese font required.


News and Magazines

The Yomiuri Shimbun: said to be the largest and most influential newspaper in Japan. Includes, news, sports, entertainment, and more. Available in Japanese and English. *

Kyodo News Web: Japan's latest news stories. Updated every 15 minutes. Available in Japanese and English. *

JNN News: Today's news and information from Japan. Parts in English and parts in Japanese only.*

Mainichi: News you won't want to miss. An interactive newspaper including the top stories, weather, entertainment and more.



The World of Kenji Miyazawa:get to know one of Japan's most read authors. Information on his works and characters, a collection of his essays, and English translations of some of his works.

Haiku for People: learn not only what haiku is but also about its political influence and its development through the years. Also learn to write Haiku or read the creations of many others.

Haiku Hut: enter the world of 'short forms' of poetry. Here you will find a showcase for haiku/senryu as well as Tanka, and other forms of poetry.


Language Learning Sites

National Clearinghouse for U.S.- Japanese Studies: great educational links for Japanese studies. Includes lessons on Japan, online publications, and more.

Japanese language learning tools on the Web: a collection of Keiko Schneider's Bookmarks that are of use to teachers and students of Japanese. Many useful links found here.

CMJ Grammar Online: Interactive Japanese Grammar lessons.

Dictation Quizzes for Japanese Speech: lots of flexibility to choose your level, type of dictation, and other specifics.

Japanese at MIT: the Web-based teaching materials offer online exercises for beginning-advanced learners of Japanese.

Japanese Online: language lessons in Japanese, plus links to a bulletin board for speakers of Japanese. Don't miss the Japanese math story problems to tickle your brain.

The Japanese Page: enjoy learning Japanese with this site. Dictionary links, Kanji and grammar help and a host of other tools.

Japanese Writing Tutor: "hone your writing skills, making your katakana, hiragana, and kanji more legible." In addition to an extensive writing tutor, learn about the different character sets, when and how they are used, and more.

Kanji Names Project: ever wonder what your name means? Learn about the meanings of Kanji characters or visit other Kanji sites from here.

Japanese English Dictionary: the dictionary offers a well designed form for finding words in English or Japanese. Available in Japanese and English. *


Chat and Virtual Worlds

3D Visual Chat World: download the software, and with their complete instructions, you will be chatting in no time. Available in Japanese and English. *


Country/City Tours

Travel Japan Site: find guides, country facts, suggestions to visitors, and theme based tours. Available in Japanese and English. *

A tour of Japan: includes interactive maps, tour guides, radio, and plenty of cultural information.

City of Hiroshima: a great resource for those interested in the cities history, industry, tourism and more.

Hiroshima Information: a nice source of information for travelers, including information on customs.

Nagasaki Regional Information: a long list of resource links including tourism, weather, businesses and cities in the region.

Sendai Japan: city information, including site seeing, public offices, and other useful links. Available in Japanese and English. *

City of Miyazaki: lots of travel information here.


Grab Bag

Jetro: information for all those interested in Japan's economic trends, markets, and business practices.

Japanese Language - The Mining Company: this wonderful list of links offers everything from cultural events to writing Kanji to lessons for learning Japanese.

JGuide: a guide to Japan Information Resources. Includes a search feature.

Guide to Japan: links to general information on Japan, tourism, history, living there, and more.

Japan Reference: a portal to information on Japan. Includes links to art & culture, business, education, history, government and more. Japan forum, an online community, also available.


Professional Language Associations

National Electronic Network of Japan-American Societies: information about the organization, a calendar, links to your local chapter, general resources, and more.

Association of Teachers of Japanese: information on Japan, study abroad, and the organization itself.