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Oggi in Italia, Seventh Edition
Merlonghi et al.
Web Search Activity
Lezione 3: Che cosa fai di bello?

Students decide how to spend their leisure time in Florence and identify possible destinations on a city map.

Functions: making choices, making plans and scheduling; identifying locations; giving directions

Vocabulary: words related to hours of operation of tourist sites; types of buildings and parts of a city; directions

Grammar: prepositions; c' and ci sono

Cultural Content: typical hours of operation of tourist destinations in Italy; monuments and churches in Florence


Firenze online

Description: This Florentine site offers extensive information for tourists, including how to reserve a room, best places to shop, and noteworthy sights. The tourist section (turismo) describes various churches (chiese) and museums (musei) and lists their hours.

Piante di Firenze

Description: This useful site provides artistic and geographical maps of Florence, detailed maps of specific neighborhoods, and a map of the surrounding area. It also includes a guide to cultural events (music, cinema, theater, art), train and airline schedules, and other useful information for visitors.


You and a friend plan to spend Monday in Florence visiting at least three important museums and churches.

1. Check the schedules of the following museums (musei): l'Accademia and il Palazzo Vecchio. Then do the same for the following churches (chiese): il Duomo, Santa Maria Novella, and Santa Croce.

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2. Locate each destination on one of the maps, noting what street it is on and/or some of the nearby landmarks.

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3. Choose the three places you will visit. You can choose from among the places you have already been asked to research or find your own. Make sure that the distances between your destinations are practical. Map out your itinerary. Print the map

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In classe

Take your map to class. Tell your partner which sights you have decided to visit and why, and show him/her your route.

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