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Oggi in Italia, Seventh Edition
Merlonghi et al.
Web Search Activity
Lezione 1: Lei come si chiama?

Students describe Italian celebrities by name, age, and place of origin.

Functions: describing people by name, age, and place of origin.

Vocabulary: cognates; descriptive adjectives

Grammar: personal pronouns; present tense of essere and avere

Cultural Content: Famous Italians



Description: This site offers a rich variety of information ranging from television schedules to biographies (personaggi) of famous actors, previews of new TV shows and other media events, and the latest Italian news.


1. Find the following information about Nicoletta Braschi, Giorgio Borghetti and Stefania Rocca: "Di dov'e`?" (Where is he/she from?) and "Quanti anni ha?" (How old is he/she?)

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2. Skim the biographies of the same three individuals using cognates and vocabulary that you already know, and choose three words to describe each one.

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3. Select two famous living Italians of your own choosing and provide the same information about them.

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In classe

Print the photographs of the two individuals you chose and bring them to class. Tell your classmates who they are, where they are from, and how old they are.