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Culture and History

Grand Marchè d' Art Contemporain: a collection of contemporary French art viewable by artist, theme or type of work.

Musée canadien des beaux-arts: links to special exhibitions, collections and much more.

Provence Market: links to food, hotels, the arts, and more from Provence.

WebMuseum, Paris: organized by artist, movement, or century; offers images and information about a wide variety of art.

Louvre: the Louvre's Web site offers a glimpse of its collections, as well as its history, publications and current exhibitions.

Martine Carles: view the works of this painter from Montpellier. Her works demonstrate deep emotion and reflection on human life.

Musée de la civilisation: a wealth of material in this Québec museum. Loaded with historical information, or visit the collections, the virtual boutique and much more.

Gastronomy: Provence-Beyond (Beyond the French Riviera) is a site that includes recipes as well as word lists that will make any French restaurant menu a breeze to interpret.

Les Fromages de France: what goes better with wine than the many cheeses of France? Take a look at the cheeses by region

La cuisine de Claudine: Need a recipe for French food? Check this out!

Culture Canada: Government of Canada's electronic resources on Culture, Heritage and much more.

Histoire-Premier Ministre: historical information on France from the late 1800's to the late 1900's.

l'Espace Culturel: the name says it all. You will find links to music, literature, art, archeology, and more. Don't miss this site!

Le ministère de la culture etde communication: check out the cybergalerie, expositions invarious parts of France, and other links of interest.

Le quotidien des vins de Bordeaux: a wonderful site on the French wine.Includes the wine making process, history and food accompaniments

L'Explorateur Culturel: just as the title says, a place to explore French culture and language. Includes links to art, literature, politics, language learning and much more. All in French!


Music, Radio, and Television

French Music Database: Know a song and want to see the lyrics? Looking to find which CD has which song? This is the place to go.

Orchestre National du Capitole de Toulouse: interested in French orchestras? Find out what's happening in Toulouse.

Radio France Internationale: Daily news in French.

L'art du Cinéma: for those interested in cinematography, here's a nice site with links to reviews, discussion and general information on related topics.

Le Cinéma: links to film information, cinematography or search the database of French film.

Télé 7 Jours: for the TV buff, this site will keep you up on French TV.

TF1-L'info: includes RealPlayer clips on general news, sports, cinema, and more.

France 3 En Ligne: news and information from France. Includes news and weather clips, regional festivals, foods, and more.

Learning from francophone TV & Radio @ Globe-Gate: a long list of digital resources. Also a link to listening comprehension strategies.

France Link: link to news and radio programming in French.


News and Magazines

Le Parisien: an online newspaper updated daily. Includes feature articles, sports, economy, politics, and more.

Santé: get an inside look at health and beauty from the Santé Magazine.

ELLE: French version of this popular fashion and beauty magazine.

Coup de pouce: a magazine you won't want to miss. Stories everyone can relate to. Great tool for getting your class talking in French about topics pertinent to their world and the French speaking world.

Lire les femmes écrivains et les littératures africaines: this feminist magazine lists links to interviews with several authors of interest to speakers of French. Authors listed alphabetically.

Mieux Vivre Votre Argent: Check out this French money magazine. A great resource for Business French students.

Actualités: French news and foreign affairs information. Also includes exchange rates and weather information for France.

Premiere: France's best knownmovie magazine keeps youup-to-date with movies in France.Check out the reviews, releasedates, news and articles onmovies from a French point ofview.



André Gide: an extensive historical guide on the life and works of André Gide.

Astérix Le Gaulois: all you ever wanted to know about the French comic Astérix.

ARTFL Project: French Language Treasury, language and literature resource list. Check out the Romance Languages Resource Page for many interesting French links.

French Literature: French texts online. Includes a French dictionary and a query search link to Interrogez l'encyclopedie de Diderot et d'Alembert.

Florilège: Anthologie hypertextuelle de la Poésie Française: choose your author by alphabet or century. Tons of works available here.

Bibliothèque nationale de France: browse the library of France.

Dave's French Literature Links: texts, translations, and criticisms organized by time period. A searchable database and some links to travel.


Language Learning Sites

Resources W3 de la civilisation française: several exercises on topics such as food, economy, transportation, history, family and more. Self-correcting format.

French Steps: a beginners online course in French. Thematically organized providing a contextualized environment for learning French.

Make French Your Business: this online learning tool includes video sequences followed by online practice exercises.

French Teaching Site: includes online exercises using RealAudio, some grammar help, and links to tools to help you create some of your own exercises.

Tex's French Grammar: offering a guide to French grammar and practice exercises.

Civilisation français: an intermediate course for learning French culture through pictures and video. Answer self-check questions to test your new knowledge.

French Reading Comprehension: Intermediate level reading exercises. Read, study and quiz yourself.

Verb Conjugation: choose your tense and type in the infinitive to get the correct verb form.

ARTFL: Project French-English Dictionary Form: type in the term of your choice either in English or French and get the corresponding translation.

Dictionnaires et Lexiques: choose your favorite dictionary from a long list including French/English, technology terms, grammar terms, historic language, encyclopedias, and more.

The Minnesota Language Proficiency Assessments (MLPA): The Minnesota Language Proficiency Assessments (MLPA) are a battery of instruments that are designed for use in certifying the second language proficiency of secondary and post-secondary students in French, German, and Spanish. The MLPA can be used to facilitate the articulation of language instruction between secondary and post-secondary education and to help make placement decisions. MLPA components are available for evaluating proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Pencil-and-paper versions of all four tests are available. Computer-based versions of the reading tests are available now, and computer-based versions of the listening and writing tests will be available by late Summer 1999.


Chat and Virtual Worlds

Le MOO Français: an environment for French enthusiasts to meet and practice the target language in a conversational atmosphere.

French Web Chat: log in with your name, password, and email address. Travel to the room of your choice and chat with others.


Country/City Tours

Connect France: prepare foryour visit to France with this informative site. Includes information onhotels, restaurants, leisure and more. Don't miss the wine section!

Aix-en-Provence: a site for those of you thinking of studying abroad in this charming city.

Amiens: tour this French city through photos and tidbits on some of the important parts of the town.

Guide officieux de Ferney-Voltaire: learn about this beautiful French city in the alps.

Le Nord-Pas-de-Calais: focused on northern France, this site is organized by categories such as culture, geography, food, and so on.

Paris: a French multimedia tour including links to everything that's hot in Paris.

Corsicamedia: a plentiful directory of Corsican sites. Easy to navigate with drop down menus by category.

Sauveterre-de-Béarn: tour this medievial city in the French Pyrenees. Get historic information, visit monuments, and peruse general hotel and tourist information.

Prenez le train: everything you want to know about trains in France, including price for an imaginary (or real) voyage. Also connects to the SNCF server.

Guide Web des Vacances et de l'Hébergement en France: planning a vacation in France and need a place to stay? Here you will find everything from campsites to apartments to rent.

Parc naturel régional de Chartreuse: visit this beautiful park and the surrounding areas. Wonderful pictures of the architecture and historical information.

Québec: the official tourism site for Québec including everything you need to explore this region of Canada.


Grab Bag

French Studies Web: access to scholarly resources in French Studies; subjects range from archeology to women's studies.

le Quartier Français du Village Planétaire!: provides a plethora of sites for discovery, exploration, fun and research. Instructors, don't miss the Centre Pédagogique.

Francophonie canadienne: news, government, search feature and a variety of other links to French speaking Canada.

AdmiNet: the French connection to regional, governmental, and business information.

Chroniques Cybérie: a weekly list of sites of general interest. Search feature available.

ClicNet: offers a long listing of French links by subject. Information intended for instructors, students, and anyone else interested in French language and culture.

French @Lehman, à CUNY et au delà...: links to French speaking sites by region as well as general French language resources. Of special interest areAfrique francophone, ”le en ”le, and New York City Francophone.

CIEF: Conseil International d'Etudes Francophones: offers some nice links to Francophone sites.

La Toile du Québec: still haven't found what you're looking for? Try this French Portal from Qu

Nomade: a great search engine for French web sites.


Professional Language Associations

American Association of Teachers of French: information about the AATF and many useful French links.

Association canadienne d'éducation de langue française: ACELF offers links to general information about their organization and other sites of interest.