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Please note that the application provided for download below is not the full version of HM Testing; it is an update which replaces a few select files from the initial release. You must have the original, full version of HM Testing already installed in order for this update to work successfully. Visit the Product Listing Page for a list of all products that require this update.

Table of Contents

Download Update Now

Instructions for Installing the Update

    After you have downloaded the file, it must be unzipped. Double click the file and if you have an unzipping utility installed (Winzip*, Freezip) that application will launch. We recommend extracting the files to 1 folder rather than extracting them loose onto your desktop. It doesn't matter what you name the new folder.

    *Winzip Frequently Asked Questions

    Go to the folder where you extracted the files and double click setup.exe. This will lead you through a brief installation. Select the destination directory where you want to install the files (C:\HMTesting is the default). These files must be installed into the same directory you installed the initial version of HM Testing (the initial version also used C:\HMTesting as the default directory). After the install has completed, hit FINISH.
    Go to START/PROGRAMS/HM Testing v6.0/HM Testing v 6.0 Management to launch the application.

Addendum to HM Testing User's Manual

When you are creating a worksheet, you will notice 3 icons next to each question in the test bank window. These icons indicate various properties of each question. The icons indicate whether a question is dynamic or static, the question type, and if the question is a test bank question, or a user-created question.
  • Die Icon = Dynamic Question
  • Crossed-out Die Icon = Static Question
  • "ABCD" Icon = Multiple Choice (including True/False) Question
  • Pencil and Paper Icon = Free Response Question
  • Book Icon = Test Bank Question
  • Smiley Face Icon = User-Created question
To print multiple forms means to print multiple versions of a worksheet. Each form, or worksheet, will contain the same questions, only the questions will be scrambled. A corresponding answer key will be printed for each form

To print multiple forms, click on the Print icon in the upper toolbar while in the Test Building function of HM Testing. At the bottom of the Print dialog box, you will see the "Forms" area. Where it reads "Number of instances to print", you may enter the number of worksheet versions you would like to print. For example, if you chose to print two forms, HM Testing will print two copies of the same worksheet with the questions, answers, and distractors rearranged. If you would like your printer to give you multiple copies of each different form, you will need to locate the copies field in your Print command dialog box and enter the number of copies you would like to have printed.

Where it reads "Starting instance number", you may enter the starting number you would like to use that will appear at the top of each worksheet. In other words, this will place the version number on each worksheet so you will know which version a student is using.

However, the instance number will not appear on the worksheet automatically. For the instance number to appear, you must first select Insert --> Header/Footer from the Worksheet menu. When the "Header/Footer" window appears, click on the "Insert" menu at the top of the window, then click "Form number". Click OK. The form number will now print on each version of a worksheet.

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