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bookcover The Earth and Its Peoples: A Global History
Third Edition

Richard W. Bulliet, Columbia University
Pamela Kyle Crossley, Dartmouth College
Daniel R. Headrick, Roosevelt University
Steven W. Hirsch, Tufts University
Lyman L. Johnson, University of North Carolina-Charlotte
David Northrup, Boston College


ACE Practice Tests
Enter here to take self-tests on chapters of your choice.
Web Links
A list of links on the web that will help you learn more about World History.
Test your knowledge of important terms and definitions from the text.
An alphabetized list of key terms from the text with definitions.
Pronunciation Guide
Click here to access Audio files for each of the pronounced words in the text. Simply click on the word to hear it said aloud. You may sort the list by chapter or alphabetically. The audio pronunciation guide is an excellent tool to help you prepare for class discussions!
Internet Exercises
Comprehensive collection of links to images and maps corresponding to each chapter of The Earth and Its Peoples, Third Edition. Each chapter also contains web-based activities for student research and reading, utilizing the wide range of sources available on the world wide web.
Interactive Maps
100 interactive maps with questions to test your knowledge of history and geography, grouped by book chapter.
Primary Sources
Hundreds of primary source documents with questions to test your analysis of historical evidence, grouped by book chapter.