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The Earth and Its Peoples: A Global History, Second Edition
Richard W. Bulliet, Pamela Kyle Crossley, Daniel R. Headrick, Steven W. Hirsch, Lyman L. Johnson, David Northrup
History WIRED

Chapter 1Nature, Humanity, and History: The First Four Million Years
Chapter 2The First River-Valley Civilizations, 3500-1500 B.C.E.
Chapter 3The Late Bronze Age in the Eastern Hemisphere, 2200-500 B.C.E.
Chapter 4New Civilizations in the Americas and Western Eurasia, 1200-250 B.C.E.
Chapter 5Greece and Iran, 1000-30 B.C.E.
Chapter 6An Age of Empires: Rome and Han China, 753 B.C.E.- 330 C.E.
Chapter 7India and Southeast Asia, 1500 B.C.E.-1100 C.E.
Chapter 8Networks of Communication and Exchange, 300 B.C.E.-1100 C.E.
Chapter 9The Sasanid Empire and the Rise of Islam, 200-1200
Chapter 10Christian Europe Emerges, 300-1200
Chapter 11Central and Eastern Asia, 400-1200
Chapter 12Peoples and Civilizations of the Americas, 200-1500 C.E.
Chapter 13Western Eurasia, 1200-1500
Chapter 14Eastern Eurasia, 1200-1500
Chapter 15Tropical Africa and Asia, 1200-1500
Chapter 16The Latin West, 1200-1500
Chapter 17The Maritime Revolution, to 1550
Chapter 18The Transformation of Europe, 1500-1750
Chapter 19The Diversity of American Colonial Societies, 1530-1770
Chapter 20The Atlantic System and Africa, 1500-1800
Chapter 21Southwest Asia and the Indian Ocean, 1500-1750
Chapter 22Eastern Eurasia, 1500-1800
Chapter 23Revolutionary Changes in the Atlantic World, 1750-1850
Chapter 24The Early Industrial Revolution 1760-1851
Chapter 25Nation Building and Economic Transformation in the Americas, 1800-1830
Chapter 26Africa, India, and the New British Empire, 1750-1890
Chapter 27The Ottoman Empire and East Asia, 1800-1870
Chapter 28The New Power Balance, 1850-1900
Chapter 29The New Imperialism, 1869-1914
Chapter 30The Crisis of the Imperial Order, 1900-1929
Chapter 31The Collapse of the Old Order, 1929-1949
Chapter 32Striving for Independence: Africa, India, and Latin America, 1900-1949
Chapter 33 The Cold War and Decolonization, 1945-2000
Chapter 34Crisis, Realignment, and the Dawn of the Post-Cold War World, 1975-1989
Chapter 35The End of a Global Century, 1991-2000