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Western Civilization: Ideas, Politics, and Society, Sixth Edition
Marvin Perry, Myrna Chase, James R. Jacob, Margaret C. Jacob, Theodore H. Von Laue
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Chapter 1: The Ancient Near East: The First Civilizations

Chapter 2: The Hebrews: A New View of God and the Individual

Chapter 3: The Greek City-State: Democratic Politics

Chapter 4: Greek Thought: From Myth to Reason

Chapter 5: The Hellenistic Age: Cultural Diffusion

Chapter 6: The Roman Republic: City-State to World Empire

Chapter 7: The Roman Empire: A World-State

Chapter 8: Early Christianity: A World Religion

Chapter 9: The Heirs of Rome: Byzantium, Islam, and Latin Christendom

Chapter 10: The High Middle Ages: Vitality and Renewal

Chapter 11: The Flowering of Medieval Culture: The Christian Synthesis

Chapter 12: The Late Middle Ages: Crisis and Dissolution

Chapter 13: The Renaissance: Transition to the Modern Age

Chapter 14: The Reformation: Shattering of Christendom

Chapter 15: European Expansion: Economic and Social Transformations

Chapter 16: The Rise of Sovereignty: Transition to the Modern State

Chapter 17: The Scientific Revolution: The Mechanical Universe and Its Implications

Chapter 18: The Age of Enlightenment: Reason and Reform

Chapter 19: The French Revolution: Affirmation of Liberty and Equality

Chapter 20: Napoleon: Subverter and Preserver of the Revolution

Chapter 21: The Industrial Revolution: The Transformation of Society

Chapter 22: Thought and Culture in the Early Nineteenth Century

Chapter 23: Europe, 1815-1848: Revolution and Counterrevolution

Chapter 24: Thought and Culture in the Mid-Nineteenth Century: Realism and Social Criticism

Chapter 25: The Surge of Nationalism: From Liberal to Extreme Nationalism

Chapter 26: The Industrial West: Responses to Modernization

Chapter 27: Western Imperialism: Global Dominance

Chapter 28: Modern Consciousness: New Views of Nature, Human Nature, and the Arts

Chapter 29: World War I: The West in Despair

Chapter 30: An Era of Totalitarianism

Chapter 31: Thought and Culture in an Era of World Wars and Totalitarianism

Chapter 32: World War II: Western Civilization in the Balance

Chapter 33: Europe After World War II: Recovery and Realignment, 1945-1985

Chapter 34: The Troubled Present