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Noble, Western Civilization: The Continuing Experiment, 4e
Thomas F. X. Noble, University of Virginia
Barry S. Strauss, Cornell University
Duane J. Osheim, University of Virginia
Kristen B. Neuschel, Duke University
William B. Cohen, Indiana University
David D. Roberts, University of Georgia
Rachel G. Fuchs, Arizona State University
Learning Objectives

Chapter 1: The Ancestors of the West
Chapter 2: The Sword, the Book, and the Myths: Western Asia and Early Greece
Chapter 3: The Age of the Polis: Greece, ca. 750-350 B.C.
Chapter 4: Alexander the Great and the Spread of Greek Civilization, ca 350-30 B.C.
Chapter 5: Rome: From Republic to Empire, ca. 509-31 B.C.
Chapter 6: Imperial Rome, 31 B.C.-A.D. 284
Chapter 7: The World of Late Antiquity, ca. 284-600
Chapter 8: Early Medieval Civilizations, ca. 600-900
Chapter 9: The Expansion of Europe in the High Middle Ages, 900-1300
Chapter 10: Medieval Civilization at Its Height, ca. 900-1300
Chapter 11: Crisis and Recovery in Late Medieval Europe, 1300-1500
Chapter 12: The Renaissance
Chapter 13: European Overseas Expansion to 1600
Chapter 14: The Age of the Reformation
Chapter 15: Europe in the Age of Religious Wars, 1560-1648
Chapter 16: Europe in the Age of Louis XIV, ca 1640-1715
Chapter 17: A Revolution in World View
Chapter 18: Europe on the Threshold of Modernity, ca. 1715-1789
Chapter 19: An Age of Revolution, 1789-1815
Chapter 20: The Industrial Transformation of Europe, 1750-1850
Chapter 21: Restoration, Reform, and Revolution, 1814-1848
Chapter 22: Nationalism and Political Reform, 1850-1880
Chapter 23: The Age of Optimism, 1850-1880
Chapter 24: Escalating Tensions, 1880-1914
Chapter 25: War and Revolution, 1914-1919
Chapter 26: The Illusion of Stability, 1919-1930
Chapter 27: The Tortured Decade, 1930-1939
Chapter 28: The Era of the Second World War, 1939-1949
Chapter 29: An Anxious Stability: The Age of the Cold War, 1949-1989
Chapter 30: The West and the World Since 1989