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United States Resource Center

Primary Sources

Date: c. 1200
Author: Lloyd K. Townsend
Description: Monk's Mound
Type: Painting
English Trade with Indians
Date: 1634
Author: Theodor de Bry
Description: A trade encounter between the Indians and the English
Type: Drawing
Indentured Servitude in the Chesapeake
Date: 1640
Author: Virginia General Court
Description: Court Judgment
Type: Text
Indians of New Netherlands Account for the Creation
Date: c. 1650s
Author: Indians of New Netherlands
Description: An Indian Creation Story
Type: Text
Early Evidence of Sexual Tensions Within Slavery
Date: 1681
Author: unknown
Description: A white woman testifies of sexual assualt by a mulatto man
Type: Text
The Wonders of the Invisible World
Date: 1693
Author: Cotton Mather
Description: Public Exhortation
Type: Text
Land Division in New Orleans
Date: c. 1720
Author: unknown
Description: The "long lot" system
Type: Map
Virginia Gentleman Weighs "a Frail Woman's" Class
Date: c. 1730
Author: William Byrd, II
Description: A response to the elopement of an upper-class woman with an overseer
Type: Text
Charleston, SC Sons of Liberty
Date: 1766
Author: Anonymous
Description: Patriot List
Type: Text
The Copley Family
Date: 1776-1777
Author: John Singleton Copley
Description: Family Portrait
Type: Painting
A Profile of Loyalist Claims
Date: 1780
Author: Wallace Brown
Description: Claimant List
Type: Text
Eli Whitney's Cotton Gin
Date: 1794
Author: Houghton Mifflin Company
Description: Animation of the operation of a cotton gin
Type: Animation
Washington's Farewell Address
Date: 1796
Author: George Washington
Description: Our first President cautions the young nation
Type: Text
Lewis & Clark: A Scientific Interest...
Date: 1805
Author: Meriweather Lewis
Description: Journal Entry
Type: Illustration/Text
Rules for Husbands and Wives
Date: 1830
Author: Mathew Carey
Description: Views on the Role of Women
Type: Text
Veto of the Bank of the United States
Date: 1832
Author: Andrew Jackson
Description: Speech
Type: Text
Proprietors of the Charles River Bridge vs.
Date: 1837
Author: Roger B. Taney
Description: Supreme Court decision on monopolies
Type: Text
Removal of the Eastern Indians
Date: 1840
Description: Forced Migration Routes
Type: Map
Domestic Economy
Date: 1841
Author: Catherine E. Beecher
Description: Essay
Type: Text
Manifest Destiny
Date: 1845
Author: John L. Sullivan
Description: The origins
Type: Text
Black Potential and the Key to Uncle Tom's Cabin
Date: 1853
Author: Harriet Beecher Stowe
Description: Author's defense of the factual basis of her novel
Type: Text
South Carolina Defines the Causes of Secession
Date: 1860
Author: unknown
Description: South Carolina's reasons for Secession
Type: Text
Confederate Dead at Gettysburg
Date: 1863
Author: Alexander Gardner et al.
Description: Battle Aftermath
Type: Photograph
Louisiana Black Code
Date: 1865
Author: Louisiana
Description: Reconstruction-era "black codes" restrict blacks' rights in the South
Type: Text
Southern Skepticism of the Freedmen's Bureau
Date: 1866
Author: James D. B. De Bow
Description: A leading Southern writer's comments
Type: Text
American Woman's Home
Date: 1869
Author: Catherine E. Beecher and Harriet Beecher Stowe
Description: Patternbook Perspective Drawing & Floor-plan
Type: Illustration
Thomas Wentworth Higginson Assesses the Black Soldier
Date: 1870
Author: Thomas Wentworth Higginson
Description: Account of a black Civil War regiment by their commander
Type: Text
Political Symbols
Date: 1874
Author: Thomas Nast
Description: Political Cartoon
Type: Illustration
Strike of 1877
Date: 1877
Author: Allan Pinkerton
Description: "Pinkerton-men" as strikebreakers
Type: Text
Whitman Salutes the Indo-Hispanic Conrtibution to America
Date: 1883
Author: Walt Whitman
Description: Indian & Hispanic role in the growth of the U.S.
Type: Text
Montana v. Rehberg
Date: 1885
Author: Anonymous
Description: Court Transcript
Type: Text
Chinese in San Francisco
Date: 1885
Author: San Francisco Board of Supervisors
Description: Living conditions in Chinatown
Type: Text
How the Other Half Lives
Date: 1890
Author: Jacob Riis
Description: Life of the poor in the city
Type: Text
Date: 1890-1926
Description: Personal & Business Income
Type: Table
Populist Party Platform
Date: 1892
Author: Populist Party
Description: New political party calls for radical changes
Type: Text
The Significance of the Frontier in American History
Date: 1893
Author: Frederick Jackson Turner
Description: Importance of the frontier in shaping American character
Type: Text
Mahan Defines Security in Terms of Sea Power
Date: 1897
Author: Alfred Thayer Mahan
Description: Military/Geo-Political Theory
Type: Text
Booker T. Washington and Others
Date: 1903
Author: W. E. B. Du Bois
Description: Criticism of Washington's views
Type: Text
Attack on the Meatpackers
Date: 1906
Author: Upton Sinclair
Description: "Muckraker's" indictment
Type: Text
The Visual Image of the Enemy
Date: 1913
Description: Political Cartoon
Type: Illustration
American Neutrality Policy
Date: 1914
Author: Woodrow Wilson
Description: Statement of WWI neutrality in Europe
Type: Text
Kellogg-Briand Pact
Date: 1928
Author: U.S. Government
Description: Multilateral treaty for world peace
Type: Text
Susan LaFollette on Marriage and Divorce
Date: 1929
Author: Susan LaFollette
Description: A view of divorce in the 1920s
Type: Text
Depression and the New Deal
Date: 1929-1942
Description: Unemployment Figures
Type: Chart
Oct. 29, Dies Irae
Date: 1929
Author: James N. Rosenberg
Description: Events of October 29, 1929
Type: Political Cartoon
BrokeóBaby SickóCar Trouble
Date: 1937
Author: Dorothea Lange
Description: A family moving west
Type: Photograph
World War II Homefront
Date: 1942
Description: Internal Migration
Type: Map
Effects of the Atomic Bomb
Date: 1945
Author: The United States Bombing Survey
Description: Government Report
Type: Text
Truman Doctrine
Date: 1947
Author: Harry S. Truman
Description: A call to action
Type: Text
Father Knows Best
Date: 1954
Author: Anonymous
Description: Sitcom Still
Type: Photograph
Watts Riots
Date: 1965
Author: California Governor's Commission on the Los Angeles Riots
Description: Compilation of L.A. police records
Type: Text
Voting Literacy Test
Date: 1965
Author: Anonymous
Description: State Voting Test
Type: Text
John Kerry Questions a War Gone Wrong
Date: 1971
Author: U.S. Government
Description: Congressional hearing on Vietnam
Type: Text
Support for the Contras
Date: 1984
Author: Ronald Reagan
Description: U.S. involvement in Nicaragua
Type: Text
Challenger: An Accident Rooted in History...
Date: 1986
Author: Presidential Commission on the Space Shuttle Challenger Accident
Description: Pictograph of O-ring Damage
Type: Chart
Events in Waco: House Judiciary Committee Investigation
Date: 1993
Author: Janet Reno
Description: Attorney General's Testimony
Type: Text
Country of Origin and Year of Entry into the U.S.
Date: 1997
Author: U.S. Census Bureau
Description: Foreign-born citizenship status
Type: Table
Lewis & Clark: A Modern View
Date: 1998
Author: John Klossner
Description: Cartoon
Type: Illustration