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bookcoverA People and a Nation
Seventh Edition

Mary Beth Norton, Cornell University
David M. Katzman, University of Kansas
David W. Blight, Amherst College
Howard P. Chudacoff, Brown University
Fredrik Logevall, University of California, Santa Barbara
Beth Bailey, University of New Mexico
Thomas G. Paterson, University of Connecticut
William M. Tuttle, Jr., University of Kansas

LecturePoint: U.S. History
Looking for another "take" on that lecture about the American Revolution? Still unclear about the "Cold War"? LecturePoint: U.S. History can help! In each of 32 animated audio lectures that follow the traditional U.S. History course, an experienced instructor describes the significant people, events, and movements of American history. Maps, photos, and artwork punctuate each lesson. This is not a replacement for lectures or reading, but a useful review tool to help you succeed in your class. Whether your class is in-person or online, you'll find it easy to review lessons whenever you need them.
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Articles of Confederation
A quick reference copy of the original document.
Enter here to take self-tests on chapters of your choice.
Presidential Administrations
A quick reference guide to the past presidents and their corresponding administrations.
Student Study Guide
A Study Guide for students using A People and a Nation, 7e.
Table of Contents - Brief
An abridged version of the main text table of contents.
Web Links
Enter here for links to quality web sites covering 14 periods in United States History.
Reader's Companion
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Interactive Maps
100 interactive maps with questions to test your knowledge of history and geography, grouped by book chapter.
Primary Sources
Hundreds of primary source documents with questions to test your analysis of historical evidence, grouped by book chapter.