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Chapter 27: Empire and Expansion, 1890-1909


the process of assimilating American character, manner, ideals, culture, and so on.


disposed to fight or go to war.

blue blood

a person of supposedly "pure blood," presumed to be descended from nobility or aristocracy.


a secondary inference or deduction from a main proposition that is assumed to be established or proven.


the practice by which a nation acquires and holds colonies and other possessions, denies them self-government, and usually exploits them economically.


a payment assessed to compensate for an injury or illegal action.


in politics, the act of dividing a weaker territory or government among several more powerful states.


the policy of forcibly removing a population to confined areas in order to deny support to enemy forces.

scorched-earth policy

the policy of burning and destroying all the property in a given area so as to deny it to an enemy.

sphere of influence

in international affairs, the territory where a powerful state exercises the dominant control over weaker states or territories.

yellow journalism

the use of sensational reports, embellished reporting, and attention-grabbing headlines to sell newspapers.

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