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Chapter 25: America Moves to the City, 1865-1900


one who believes that there can be no human knowledge of any God or gods.


among immigrants, the process of adapting to the new society in which they found themselves.

behavioral psychology

the branch of psychology that examines human action, often considering it more important than mental or inward states.


one who promotes complete political, social, and economic equality of opportunity for women.


a conservative Protestant who rejects religious modernism and adheres to a strict and literal interpretation of Christian doctrine and Scriptures.

holding company

company that exists to own other companies, usually through controlling interest in their stocks.


an extensive, heavily populated area, containing several dense urban centers.


concerning a religious parish or small district. (By extension, the term is used, often negatively, to refer to narrow or local perspectives as distinct from broad or cosmopolitan outlooks.)


a poor person, often one who lives on tax-supported charity.


forbidding by law the manufacture, sale, or consumption of liquor.


a factory where employees are forced to work long hours under difficult conditions for meager wages.


in journalism, material that is sold by an organization for publication in several newspapers.


a multidwelling building, often poor or overcrowded.


a wealthy businessperson, especially one who openly displays power and position.

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