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Chapter 17: Manifest Destiny and Its Legacy, 1841-1848


incorporation of a territory into an existing political unit such as a neighboring country.


an unofficial organization or consultation of like-minded people to plan a political course or advance their cause, often within some larger body.


anything of extraordinary size and power.

dark horse

in politics, a candidate with little apparent support who unexpectedly wins a nomination or election.


to completely block or stop action as a consequence of the mutual pressure of equal and opposed forces.


a repayment for loss or damage inflicted.


a plot or scheme formed by secret, underhanded means.


in politics, the belief that an official has been issued a clear charge by the electorate to pursue some particular policy goal.


a territory to which neither of two disputing parties has clear claim and where they may meet as combatants.


in geography, the imaginary lines parallel to the earth's equator, marking latitude..


the campaign document stating a party's or candidate's position on the issues, and upon which they "stand" for election.

popular sovereignty

doctrine that the people of a territory had the right to determine whether slavery would exist within their territory.


the relation of a strong nation to a weak one under its control and protection.


clause making a qualification, condition, or restriction in a document.


to refuse to accept responsibility for paying a bill or debt.


in government, a formal statement of policy or judgment by a legislature, but requiring no legal statute.

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