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Chapter 15: The Ferment of Reform and Culture, 1790-1860

coitus reservatus

the practice of sexual intercourse without the male's release of semen.


referring to the theory or practice in which the means of production are owned by the community as a whole.


referring to the belief in or practice of the superiority of community life or values over individual life, but not necessarily the common ownership of material goods.


concerning the improvement of the human species through selective breeding or genetic control.

free love

the principle or practice of sexual relations unrestricted by law, marriage, or religious constraints.


referring to the belief in the direct apprehension of God or divine mystery, without reliance on reason or human comprehension.


one who refuses to follow established or conventional ideas or habits.


the practice of having two or more spouses at one time.


under the care and direction of God or other benevolent natural or supernatural forces.


artistic and intellectual movement characterized by an interest in nature, emotion, imagination, and rebellion against social convention.


literally, rule by God; the term is often applied to a state where religious leaders exercise direct or indirect political authority.


philosophical and literary movement asserting the existence of God within human beings and in nature and the belief that intuition is the highest source of knowledge.


referring to any place or plan that aims at an ideal social order.


one who is carried away by a cause to an extreme or excessive degree.

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