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Chapter 14: Forging the National Economy, 1790-1860


an individual or group who uses accumulated funds or private property to produce goods for profit in a market.


an establishment for the manufacturing of goods, including buildings and substantial machinery.


the formation of individuals into an organized entity with legally defined privileges and responsibilities.

interchangeable parts

parts that are identical and can be substituted for one another.

labor union

an organization of workers--usually wage-earning workers--to promote the interests and welfare of its members, often by collective bargaining with employers.


legal responsibility for loss or damage.


one who advocates favoring native-born citizens over aliens or immigrants.


the legal certification of an original invention, product, or process, guaranteeing its holder sole rights to profits from its use or reproduction for a specified period of time.


later descendants or subsequent generations.


in economics, the relative capacity to produce goods and services, measured in terms of the number of workers and machines needed to create goods in a certain length of time.


an organized work stoppage by employees in order to obtain better wages, working conditions, and so on.


a distinguishing symbol or word used by a manufacturer on its goods, usually registered by law to protect against imitators.


a toll road.

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