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Chapter 11: The Triumphs and Travails of the Jeffersonian Republic, 1800-1812


the simultaneous firing of all guns on one side of a ship.


to yield or grant something, often upon request or under pressure. (Anything ceded is a cession.)


the official legal authorization appointing a person to an office or military position, indicating the nature of the duty, term of office, chain of command, and so on.


compulsory enrollment of men and women in the armed forces.


a place where a government representative is stationed in a foreign country, but not the main headquarters of diplomatic representation headed by an ambassador (the embassy).


a government order prohibiting commerce in or out of a port.


the charge of a public official with improper conduct in office.


to force people or property into public service without choice; conscript.

lame duck

a political official during the time he or she remains in office after a defeat or inability to seek another term, and whose power is therefore diminished.

judicial review

power of the Supreme Court to review the constitutionality of laws passed by Congress and the States.


characterized by principled opposition to all war and belief in nonviolent solutions to conflict.


in law and government, a decision or action that establishes a sanctioned rule for determining similar cases in the future.


the withdrawal, by legal or illegal means, of one portion of a political entity from the government to which it has been bound.


conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of the state.


a formal legal document ordering or prohibiting some act.

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