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Chapter 6: The Duel for North America, 1608-1763


marked by strict authoritarian rule, without consent or participation by the populace.


an official certification granting a commanding rank in the armed forces.

coureurs des bois

French-Canadian fur trappers; literally, "runners of the woods."


concerning the relations between the biological organisms and their environment.


a fleet of boats, usually smaller vessels.

guerrilla warfare

unconventional combat waged by small military units using hit-and-run tactics.


in politics, a person appointed by the head of state to take charge of some department or agency of government.


concerning revolt by subordinate soldiers or seamen against their commanding officers.


a farmer or agricultural laborer, sometimes legally tied to the land.


trained professional soldiers, as distinct from militia or conscripts.


in warfare, very rapid military movements, usually by small units, against an enemy force or position.


a military operation of surrounding and attacking a fortified place, often over a sustained period.


concerning the placement and planned movement of large-scale military forces so as to gain advantage, usually prior to actual engagement with the enemy.


French-Canadian explorers, adventurers, and traders.

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