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Chapter 3: Settling the Northern Colonies, 1619-1700


a place of refuge and security, especially for the persecuted or unfortunate.


absolute or dictatorial rule.

Blue laws

laws designed to restrict personal behavior in accord with a strict code of morality.


in Protestantism, the belief that saved individuals have a religious obligation to engage in worldly work.


an organized civil government or social order united for a shared purpose.


form of Protestant church government in which the local congregation is independent and self-governing; in the colonies, the Puritans were Congregationalists.


a religious turn to God, thought by Calvinists to involve an intense, identifiable personal experience of grace.


in Calvinist doctrine, those who have been chosen by God for salvation.


concerning diverse peoples or cultures, specifically those of non-Anglo-Saxon background.


departure from correct or officially defined (religious) belief.


the granting of citizenship to foreigners or immigrants.

Passive resistance

nonviolent action or opposition to authority, often in accord with religious or moral beliefs.


the Calvinist doctrine that God has foreordained some people to be saved and some to be damned.


concerning exclusive legal ownership, as of colonies granted to individuals by the monarch.


concerning resistance to or rebellions against the government.

Visible saints

in Calvinism, those who publicly proclaimed their experience of conversion and were expected to lead godly lives.

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