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The American Pageant: A History of the Republic, Twelfth Edition
David M. Kennedy, Stanford University
Lizabeth Cohen, Harvard University
Thomas A. Bailey
Primary Sources

Introduction | Questions to Consider | Source

Land Division in New Orleans
(c. 1720)

As successive European groups arrived in North America, they brought with them artifacts and ideas. The latter included systems for organizing land holdings. These different patterns—sometimes one on top the other—appear in early maps and illustrate the distinct approaches to identifying and organizing property ownership.

Questions to Consider
  1. What are the principle geographic features of the map?

  2. What is the shape of the land holdings?

  3. What purpose does the shape of the land holdings appear to serve?

  4. Compare the shape of the land holdings to that illustrated in "Township and Range Map of the Old Northwest. . . (1785-1787)"

  5. How could you use the information from the map for other kinds of historical interpretation?


Drawing of the English trading with the Indians