Activity 1: Strike and Dip
Practicing with Strike
It is sometimes difficult for students new to geology to understand the concept of strike. The questions on this page along with the applet will help you understand strike. In addition, they will provide you practice connecting a given strike with its appropriate map direction. To change the strike, simply move the slider to the right or left.


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Using the applet, answer the following questions:
  1. Which way does a unit with a strike of N?E slant on the map?
  2. How is a unit with a strike of N0oE oriented?
  3. Which way does a unit with a strike of N?W slant on the map?
  4. A unit with a strike of N90o is oriented how on the map?
  5. Note the orientation of geologic strata with the following strata:
  • N45oE
  • N65oW
  • N85oW
  • N10oW
  • N23oE
  • N84oE
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