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 CROSSLINKS: Chapter 10—Writing Web Pages with Advanced HTML

Chapter 10 of Writing Online advises writers to use a good HTML editor for creating advanced pages and proceeds to describe how editors work by examing Netscape's Composer. The Crosslinks for this chapter are the same as those used in Chapter 9. Rather than repeat that page of information again, I'm making a slight change here and am offering a set of links to different HTML editors, some free, some that need to be purchased, for you to explore and consider.

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Free Editors 
  • Netscape's Composer is bundled with Communicator, a software package that also includes a web browser, email, and Usenet program. Composer is an easy to use, straightforward program.
  • 1st. Page 2000 is so good, it's hard to believe it's free. It offers HTML and script editing features, site management tools, and good help menus.
  • Amaya for W3C is an editor/browser from the World Wide Web Consortium, the group that sets HTML standards. The advantage of this editor is that it uses a graphical interface and conforms to HTML standards. You can't do a lot of the more fancy web page stuff—such as create and manage frames—with this one, but it will code your individual pages to HTML specifications.

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Editors to Purchase
All listings come from Tucows, which offers excellent software listings for freeware, shareware, commercial, and open source products. 

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