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Internet Research Guide
Learning Modules
Contributed by Jason Snart, University of Florida

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  • Part 1: What is the Purpose of Research?

    Assignments that require research
    Fact papers
    Opinion papers
    Combined fact and opinion papers
    Useful sources
    Practice: Distinguishing fact from opinion
    Choosing sources
    Strengths of the Internet
    Weaknesses of the Internet
    Practice: Choosing sources

  • Part 2: Email, listservs, newsgroups, chat rooms

    Finding email addresses
    Practice: Searching for listservs
    Chat rooms

  • Part 3: Surfing and browsing

    Search engines
    Boolean searches
    Generality and specificity
    Practice: Developing search strings

  • Part 4: Evaluating web information

    Where to start
    Look for an author
    Information to avoid
    Practice: Evaluating sources

  • Part 5: Building an argument with web research

    Claims and supports
    Practice: Recognizing claims and supports
    Logical fallacies
    False cause and effect
    Steps in cause and effect arguments
    False authority
    Practice: Identifying logical fallacies
    Practice: Exploring the Web to find logical fallacies

  • Part 6: Plagiarism and documentation

    Direct quotation
    Citation styles
    Internet citations, MLA Style
    Internet citations, APA Style
    Practice: Internet citations

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