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APA Reference List: Books - Work in an Anthology or Reference Book

List the author, date of publication of the edited book, and the title of the work first. Follow this with the names of the editors of the book (not inverted), the title of the book, and the page numbers (preceded by "pp.") of the chapter in parentheses. End with the place of publication and the publisher. If you cite more than one article in an edited work, include full bibliographical details in each entry.
  Example    Seegmiller, B. (1993). Pregnancy. In F.
Denmark & M. Paludi (Eds.), Psychology of women:
A handbook of issues and theories (pp. 437-474).
Westport, CT: Greenwood.
For a well-known reference book with unsigned alphabetical entries, give only the edition number and year of publication. When articles are arranged alphabetically in an encyclopedia, omit page numbers.
  Example    Multiculturalism. (1993). In Columbia
Encyclopedia (5th ed.).
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