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The Heath Anthology of American Literature, Fifth Edition
Paul Lauter, General Editor

Thomas Tillam
Seeking refuge in New England on the eve of the English Civil War, Tillam in this short lyric on his first sight of America expresses the heady idealism of many Puritan immigrants, but his verse is also tinged with a note of warning. For unknown reasons, Tillam did not remain in New England. During the Commonwealth period he returned to England, where he wrote several works with millenarian themes, until he was imprisoned after the Restoration of the monarchy. In 1661, and now a Baptist, he left England for good and settled in Heidelberg, Germany, the leader of a small, communal religious group.

In the Heath Anthology
Uppon the first sight of New-England June 29, 1638 (1638)

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English Dissenters
A history of Sabbatarianism, "a general belief in maintaining many of the traditional Jewish laws and observances associated with the early Church," a practice that Tillam wrote about in Seventh-day Sabbath sought out and celebrate, or, The saints last design upon the man of sin with their advance of Gods first institution to its primitive perfection ....

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