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The Heath Anthology of American Literature
Volumes A, B, C, D, and E, Fifth Edition

Volumes I and II, Fourth Edition
Concise Edition

Edited by Paul Lauter, Trinity College; Richard Yarborough, University of California, Los Angeles; Jackson Bryer, University of Maryland; Anne Goodwyn Jones, University of Florida; Wendy Martin, Claremont Graduate University; Charles Molesworth, Queens College-CUNY; Raymund Paredes, University of California, Los Angeles; Linda Wagner-Martin, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Andrew O. Wiget, New Mexico State University; King-Kok Cheung, University of California, Los Angeles; Ivy Schweitzer, Dartmouth College; Sandra Zagarell, Oberlin College; James Kyung-Jin Lee, University of Texas, Austin; John Alberti, Northern Kentucky University; Randall Bass, Georgetown University ; Lois Leveen, Reed College; Edward Maloney, Georgetown University; D. Quentin Miller, Suffolk University

Site Orientation
A short guide to using The Heath Anthology web site.
 Heath Orientation
A brief explanation of why The Heath Anthology was created, what need it fulfills for instructors and students today, and how our web resources complement the pedagogical goals of the text.
Instructor's Guide
The Instructor's Guide includes classroom issues and strategies, overviews of major themes and artistic conventions, comparisons questions for reading, discussion, and writing and bibliographical information for each author.
New Canons and New Media: American Literature in the Electronic Age by Randy Bass
Author Profiles
The Heath Anthology website allows you to access titles in The Heath Anthology through several different organizational strategies. You can browse the web site by the table of contents or by lists of authors. Links from these lists take you to the Profile Page affiliated with each author.
The Heath Anthology timeline places literary publications in historical context. This timeline can be used inside the classroom, or by individuals working on their own.
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