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Textbook Site for:
The Heath Anthology of American Literature, Third Edition
Paul Lauter, General Editor
Online American Literature Resources
General American Literature sites

Electronic Texts or Primary Source sites:
Project Gutenberg
This project provides many electronic texts that can be accessed directly or downloaded.
Alex - A Catalog of Electronic Texts on the Internet
Alex, with its own search engine, provides an index of many electronic texts currently on the Internet.
The On-Line Books Page
This page provides a catalog of electronic texts.
Bibliomania; The Network Library
This site provides links to many electronic books, including A Student's History of American Literature.
The University of Oklahoma Law Center; A Chronology of US Historical Documents
This site includes important historical documents by date links to hypertext docs in US history, organized chronologically.
The English Electronic Text Center of the University of Virginia
This index of electronic texts is organized by collection or topic; some of the texts are not generally accessible.
An Index of Poets in Representative Poetry On-Line
This index of on-line texts compiled by the University of Toronto includes both electronic texts and brief biographical esssay on each poet.
University of Michigan Humanities Text Initiative; American Verse Project
This site, which can be browsed or navigated with a search engine, includes a growing body of electronic texts by American poets.
Random Poems and Poetry to Enjoy
This index of electronic poetry can be sorted by author or by date.
Rare Map Collection at Hargrett Library
This archive of maps, compiled by the University of Geogria includes resources from the discovery of the "New World" through the end of the nineteenth century.

Women's History Sources for Women's History Month
This sites includes links to other major sites on women's history , achievement and specific fields of women's studies.
Books A to Z; Banned Books and Censorship
This site by the ACLU addresses the banning of books in the U.S., and includes descriptions of the reasons given for the banning of many different books.
Internet Public Library Literature Reference
This site, by the Internet Public Library, provides links to other large general literature sites, some of which focus specifically on American literature.
The First Hypertext Edition of The Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
This electronic book, copied from the 1894 print edition includes entries on many major works, authors, and literary terms, and can be used as a good reference manual.
A Student's History of American Literature
This refernce work on American literature provides background material on many authors and periods, and is divided according to chronology.
Essays on Teaching American Literature
The essays, copied from the Heath Anthology Newletter, provide resource information for teachers using the Heath Anthology, with topics ranging from the teaching of colonial to Chicano and Gay literature.
Academy of American Poets
This site, with its own search engine, provides brief biographical information on many major American poets.
TimePage History Links
This large site on American history provides resource material including maps, essays, basic information, and links to university projects.
Date - A Timeline
This timeline divided into three sections (to 1800, 1800-1850, 1850-1900) is centered around Nathaniel Hawthorne, but includes historical background information through the nineteenth century.
U.S. History - PreCivil War America
This site compiled by a middle school includes links to sites with background material on major historical events.
American Literature
This electronic text provides a sweeping overview of American literature.
From Revolution to Reconstruction; A Hypertext on American History
This extensive project on American history includes biographical information, primary source material, and a glossary of major figures and events.
Voice of the Shuttle -- English Literature Main Page
This site, organized by period, indexes pages on many American literature authors, and is a good place to start searching for any author.

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