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bookcover The Heath Anthology of American Literature
Third Edition

Edited by Paul Lauter, Trinity College
Richard Yarborough, University of California, Los Angeles
Juan Bruce-Novoa, University of California, Irvine
Jackson Bryer, University of Maryland
Elaine Hedges, Towson State University
Anne Goodwyn Jones, University of Florida, Gainesville
Amy Ling, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Wendy Martin, The Claremont Graduate School
Charles Molesworth, Queens College-CUNY
Carla Mulford, Pennsylvania State University
Raymund Paredes, University of California, Los Angeles
Linda Wagner-Martin, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Andrew O. Wiget, New Mexico State University


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A resource for teaching the American literatures.
 Hypertext Instructor's Guide
Edited by John Alberti.
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The Archives are designed as a complementary resource to the electronic discussion list, T-AMLIT.
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Articles and Commentary
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