Short Papers

The category of "Short Papers" includes writing assignments that range from 1-2 page response papers to 4-5 page papers. Most courses assign short papers of one kind of another; the locations linked below specifically include paper topics and, usually, some information and reflection on the timing of the papers in the course context.

RELATED PEDAGOGIES: In-Class Writing; Reading Journals; Longer Papers.

Course Syllabi with Short Papers

    Survey of American Literature from the Beginnings to the American Renaissance AnnLouise Keating (Eastern New Mexico St U)

    Introduction to American Literature: Colonial to Early 19th Century Clement Valletta (King's College)

    American Literature to 1865 Mary Katherine Wainwright (Manatee Community College)

    US Literature from Civil War to the Thirties Beverly Clark (Wheaton)

    The Diversity of American Literatures: 1860 to the Present Reuben Ellis (Hope College)

    American Renaissance John Getz (Xavier)

    American Literature: Civil War to 1900 Robert Hogge (Weber State)

    Early American Literature to 1800 Margaret Whitt (Denver)

    American Civilization III Ed Ingebretsen (Georgetown)

    Early American Literature: 30,000 B.C. to 1800 Kenneth Roemer (UT Arlington)

    Introduction to American Literature I Helen Westra (Grand Valley St U)(AM LIT I)

Instructor's Guide for Short Papers

    Virtually every author entry in the IG contains suggestions for paper topics on particular authors.